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For Georgia residents with offshore investments we offer a full-suite of international tax consulting services to protect foreign assets


In addition to our long list of professional IRS tax settlement services, we also specialize in comprehensive international tax consulting and resolution strategies for Atlanta-area residents with offshore investments of any kind.  When it comes to keeping your offshore assets safe, having professional international tax attorneys on your side is crucial to help you navigate and satisfy the ever-changing international tax laws mandated by the U.S. Government.

If you are an Atlanta-area resident and you have concerns about the tax welfare of your offshore assets, Pure Tax Resolution has a team of international tax attorneys and enrolled agents ready to settle your international tax issues, and offer proactive international tax consulting for the life of your offshore investments.

FBAR & FATCA Regulations

The most notable international tax regulations mandated by the U.S. Government are the FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) and FBAR (Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts) programs.  Each require Atlanta residents with offshore investments to submit detailed records of their foreign assets, including values/gains of mutual funds, bank accounts, life insurance, or real estate commodities.  It's required that these reports to be filed accurately and on time in order to avoid the hefty penalties involved with FATCA and FBAR delinquency.

FBAR and FATCA delinquency is a common occurrence for Atlanta-area offshore investors.  As these relatively new regulations continue to evolve, it makes it more difficult for offshore investors to remain compliant and avoid the hefty financial and criminal penalties from the Government and IRS:

  • Substantial financial penalties deducted from your assets or bank account (based on percentage of asset values, and longevity of delinquency).
  • Serious criminal charges for international tax delinquency identified as willful, or cases that go unsettled for an extended period of time.

Regardless of the size of your offshore assets, or the origin and nature of your international tax delinquency, you will be a target for these harsh penalties if your FBAR and FATCA filing requirements are neglected.


Professional International Tax Compliance Solutions for Georgia Residents

Our team of international tax attorneys and specialists work with local Atlanta taxpayers with international tax issues, as well as taxpayers looking to invest offshore that need sound consulting to protect their future investments. We are experts at enrolling our clients in the proper resolution strategies, many of which are endorsed by the U.S. Government. Contact us today and let us protect your offshore investments

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