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The seasoned CPAs, Accountants, and Tax Attorneys of Pure Tax Resolution provide comprehensive business tax help solutions, including relief for business tax problems, consulting, and accounting


Business tax problems affect Atlanta businesses of all sizes and across all industries, and Atlanta Pure Tax is here to provide effective business tax help for Atlanta business owners. When you own a business in the Atlanta area, your days are consumed trying to serve your customers, meet your payroll and hopefully grow your business. Sometimes, tax filings fall through the cracks. Other times, small business owners run into temporary cash flow problems and fail to pay payroll taxes or other business taxes, resulting in impending business tax debt. These business tax problems are quite common, but with a phone call to Pure Tax, our professional tax attorneys and CPA's can provide business tax help you need to get back on track. We take a comprehensive approach to business tax help with an overall goal of helping our Atlanta clients succeed.  Whether you need professional help to settle IRS problems, or need ongoing tax accounting and bookkeeping, we have a solution for you!

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Solutions for Business Tax Problems in Atlanta

Payroll Tax Relief

Many businesses in the Atlanta area find themselves stuck with payroll tax problems.  More times than not, payroll tax debt is caused by a few simple oversights, which is common when trying to run a successful business. Not only one of the most stressful, but payroll tax debt is one of the most common business tax problems we encounter when working with Atlanta business owners. We understand that dealing with payroll tax debt can greatly affect the welfare of your business, as it can lead to the IRS compromising your company’s assets, essentially leaving your business crippled. The good news? Among every other business tax problem specialty, Atlanta Pure Tax Resolution will listen and provide an effective solution for your payroll issues, and offer ongoing payroll services to stay free of issues.

Worker Classification Filing - W2 or 1099?

Although it may seem harmless, mis-classifying your workers (W2, 1099) can lead to serious business tax problems, including audits and possible seizures.  There are certain guidelines and protocols involved with your tax returns and payroll management that will determine how you classify your workers. If you find you are in trouble with classification errors, or need consulting to gain a better understanding of the criteria, the business tax experts at Atlanta Pure Tax are at your service.

Resolving Overstated Deductions

The line between acceptable business expense deductions and overzealous ones can be very thin in the eyes of the IRS.  Not having the proper documentation to back up your tax deduction filing, or not understanding what is acceptable as expense deduction can lead to serious trouble with the IRS.  Our team of expert CPAs and Accountants can bring clarity to your tax deduction filing and help you avoid IRS issues moving forward for your business.


Comprehensive Tax, Bookkeeping, and Payroll Solutions

At Atlanta Pure Tax Resolution, it's not just about resolving your business tax problems and sending you on your way.  We strive to see our Atlanta business clients move forward and succeed. We now offer a comprehensive suite of tax filing, bookkeeping, and payroll solutions for our Atlanta clients to help them remain profitable and avoid business tax problems. With the proper guidance and help from a licensed tax professional, you will see your business thrive and grow in the right direction. We will cater our services to your needs, contact us today for a personal business evaluation.



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