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IRS Back Tax Forgiveness

Get professional help for your IRS back taxes from the licensed tax specialists of Atlanta Pure Tax Resolution


Atlanta taxpayers that owe IRS back taxes may not understand how serious of a dilemma it can be. Even the most minor IRS back tax debt can snowball out of control if not addressed immediately, resulting in overwhelming tax penalties and your assets and wages being targeted by the IRS. If you are an Atlanta-area taxpayer struggling with IRS back taxes, Atlanta Pure Tax is your solution for proper and proven back taxes help in the Atlanta area. Whether an individual or business owner, we will work with you to develop a IRS back tax forgiveness plan that will address your IRS back taxes, and settle them for good.

Depending on the severity of your IRS back taxes, and the nature of your personal / financial situation, our team of IRS tax attorneys can exercise a back tax forgiveness strategy that will not only settle your tax debt within your financial means, but also reduce or suspend your tax liability:


IRS Installment Plans

Our team of licensed tax attorneys will negotiate with the IRS to pursue a convenient installment plan, where you pay off your tax debt in manageable monthly installments, and the IRS agrees to suspend any collections or penalties against you.  To achieve the ideal installment agreement, you must have a licensed tax professional like an enrolled agent or tax attorney to work the proper channels and present your case the right way. Our team of dedicated back tax resolution experts have helped hundreds of taxpayers settle their back taxes using convenient installment plans that work for them.

Offer In Compromise (OIC)

Offer in Compromise is a program where the IRS agrees to accept less than what you originally owed in back taxes, but there are many conditions that must be satisfied to achieve this.  Again, having a tax professional like the licensed tax attorneys at Atlanta Pure Tax negotiating in your behalf significantly increases your odds of achieving an OIC. We'd be happy to speak with you today to discuss your eligibility for an OIC program to resolve your IRS back taxes.


Currently Not Collectible Status (CNC)

A CNC, or hardship determination, is a IRS back tax forgiveness program where the IRS puts a hold on your IRS back tax balance due to a financial hardship by the taxpayer in question.  As you may imagine, this programs is only attainable through the proper representation provided by a licensed tax attorney. We can evaluate your situation to determine if you do indeed qualify for this relief program, and can initiate the process to achieve CNC for you.

IRS back taxes help Atlanta GA
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Whether an individual or business, minor or severe IRS back tax debt, we believe the hard-working people of the Big Peach deserve professional and reliable help for IRS back taxes.  Forget about the uncertainty of working with the faceless IRS back tax forgiveness marketers you come across on the TV or radio, Atlanta Pure Tax Resolution offers FREE consultations, 24 hour availability for our clients, flat up-front pricing, and exceptional customer service from start to finish! Contact us to speak with our President, Tim Halcomb, and expect nothing but a positive experience

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